I help people to feel better, live better and take control of their minds and lives.

Transformational Life Coaching

Transform Your Self and Your Life

Transformational Mind Session

Sessions to heal your mind, emotions and beliefs and to transform your mindset

Emotional Healing

Overcome blockages, resolve stuck emotions, reconnect to yourself, feel better, improve your self esteem and self acceptance, find out who you are

Mindset Change

Learn to take control of your mind, deal with the inner critic, separate yourself from defeating thoughts, recognise your fundamental patterns and what holds you back, develop a success mindset

Subconscious Change

Life is just a reflection of your subconsious patterning. Repattern your mind and change deep rooted thinking patterns, habits and core beliefs, as well as your fundamental self image

“As a person committed to personal and professional development for more than 30 years, and as a qualified therapist and business coach, I’ve tried many different approaches to living and expressing my highest potential and to living my life to the full.

Nothing I have experienced has proven as impactful and fulfilling as my work with Steven. I can truly say that it has been life transforming”

– JJ O Riordan, Director – Inspirational Leadership.

Experienced and Qualified

How Do I help?

I have developed a highly effective approach based upon years of training and experience in various psychological therapies, hypnotherapy, mindfulness, NLP and coaching. I have personally practised meditation for 35 years, including 7 years as a Buddhist monk. I know how the mind works and how to change it. If you are committed, together we can achieve extraordinary things.

Why Choose Me?

  • More than 25,000 hours of one to one experience
  • Deep understanding of the mind and how people tick
  • Qualified in a range of approaches
  • Gets results faster than most other approaches

What People Are Saying

Steven has helped me enormously, to recognize the structures of my own limiting beliefs and to wholeheartedly connect with my values and wishes. Beyond therapeutic intervention, he’s helped uplift my sense of possibility, and raw wonder! Working with him has been transformational to my sense of who I am and what I might do with my life
Danielle Hill, Austria
Words cannot describe how grateful I am to Steven for all of the help and guidance he has given me. When I first started going to Steven I had very low self-esteem, zero confidence in myself and was working in a job that I really wasn’t happy in. With Steven’s direction and support I gained the courage and confidence in myself to leave the old job that I had felt so stuck in and start my own business in spiritual healing. I have regained my sense of self and reclaimed my power. His incredible insight and wisdom have helped me to build a life I could only ever have dreamed of before. Now it is a reality. Thanks to Steven I am living the dream and loving life!
Sinéad Ailill McDermott
Steven’s innate wisdom, genuine interest in his clients and extensive knowledge make working with him a fascinating experience. He expertly encourages exploration within a highly supportive, non-threatening context, offering guidance when needed, but never taking over. For me, it’s been a creative journey which has involved a huge amount of learning and discovery, along with the nurturing of feelings of self-worth and self-belief.
Kate N, U..K Psychologist