The Real Cause of Emotional and Mental Health Problems

During the last 100 years or so, hundreds of approaches to emotional and mental health healing have been developed. Many take years! And many have little impact or only work for a while.

But if you understand how emotional problems and blockages are formed, the path to rapid healing becomes clearer:

When something takes place that we don’t like, that has a high emotional charge, our habitual response is:

  • I don’t like what is happening in reality – I want reality to be different and
  • To suppress what we are feeling – that is to box it off, distract ourselves, dissociate, self medicate etc

Once this has happened, we set up defense mechanisms to protect ourselves from our unwanted feelings. This may be continued dissociation, memory repression, or protective dynamics. For example, being shy might be a protective mechanism to feeling rejected or not good enough. All of this happens on a sub-conscious level with the conscious mind being largely oblivious about what is going on.

But not being conscious of something does not mean it has gone and does not mean it does not have consequences. Our mind reminds us we have suppressed feelings by creating symptoms – this might be anxiety, depression, fears and phobias, low self-esteem, a sense of being blocked, repeated failure to self-care or achieve goals etc.

Any therapy or coaching modality that fails to discover and address these suppressed feelings will ultimately fail or merely be a sticking plaster.

And the suppressed feeling is always there – just behind the problem.

In transformational mind sessions we identify and release the suppressions with surprising speed!