Transformational Life Coaching with Steven Lane, Adv Dip Coaching, Practioner Member EMCC

Transformational Life Coaching is an advanced and deep form of life coaching. It aims to help you to deeply transform not just your life, but yourself!

Imagine what life could be like if you could design your ideal life, set goals and intentions, and then actually make them come true!

Imagine how would feel if you could be in control of your mind, let go of unwanted emotions and stress, install positive beliefs and shift into a positive mindset, love and accept yourself, and connect to yourself at a deeper level.

Imagine if you could live your life on your terms and attract everything good into your life.

So here is the thing – YOU CAN! 

If you are willing to explore your inner self, commit to practicing some techniques you will learn, and feel ready for a deep change, transformational life coaching is for you.

…. I can say without question that he is the best of all Coaches that I’ve worked with. His work is the true definition of what Transformational Coaching means; many coaches claim it, but Steven does it easily and effortlessly in every session, without exception.

Mary T Tierney, MBA, Business Owner

Why attend Life Coaching?

  • You want life to be better – preferably amazing!
  • You feel stuck
  • You keep on repeating patterns that have poor outcomes
  • You have limiting beliefs such as feeling not good enough
  • Your relationships never work out
  • You want to learn to manage thoughts and emotions
  • You want support achieving a goal
  • You feel stressed and disconnected and want to learn to be at ease and deeply connected to yourself
  • You seek greater success and a better income
  • You want to shift your mindset into one that truly serves you
  • You hate your job and want to explore options
  • To increase your confidence
  • To get clarity on something
  • Better work life balance
  • Anything you want to change!

What Happens in Life Coaching?

We set some goals and desired outcomes and then explore how to get there, design some actions, discover what is holding you back, and apply some techniques to help you to remove the obstacles and achieve different outcomes. In transformational life coaching, we especially dig deeper into your inner world and inspire shifts of belief and identity.

This may involve practices such as mindfulness and awareness, connecting to yourself at a deep level, learning techniques to let go or de-fuse from your thinking mind, exploring your deepest beliefs and values, allowing yourself to dream big, and committing yourself to change.

Importantly, we create a safe and confidential space in which you can fully be yourself, and explore and get clear on what is holding you back and where you want to get to. Ultimately this space empowers you and plugs you into your innate potential

Next Steps

Life Coaching is normally a process of at least 6 sessions – in some cases it may be ongoing for some time. But I ask you to commit to at least 6 sessions, though you only pay one session at a time – Eur 150 per hourly session.

The first step is a free exploratory call. This is 30 minutes long and we get to know each other a little, you explain what you are looking for and we check you have enough commitment to make it work. You then decide if it is for you in which case I will ask you to sign a coaching agreement and commit to at least 6 sessions.