Effortless Change Through Technology

What Does it Involve?

Five sensors are attached to your head and ears. You then sit back and listen to music for 33 minutes. During that time the software analyses your brain’s electrical activity and provides feedback in the form of interruptions to the sound track you listen to.

The central concept is that your brain has a self regulating intelligence that uses the feedback as a kind of mirror and then makes adjustments. This makes it a very safe and effective neuro-technology.

What is Neurofeedback?

It is a non-invasive brain technology that reads and interprets the electrical activity of the brain (commonly called brainwaves) and then provides non-invasive feedback to the brain to optimise brain function with a range of amazing results. 

I first brought this technology to Ireland in 2007 and it has helped hundreds of people with everything from performance enhancement to ADHD and dyslexia to anxiety and depression, to better focus and generally feeling better. 

The specific technology I use is called NeurOptimal ®

  – an automated and highly advanced form of neurofeedback that trains and optimises the whole brain.

Previously I ran sessions of this in my clinic. But with the automation which provides 100% tailor made sessions, it is now possible and better to run sessions in your own home. Consequently, I rent out various simple to use systems.

Though the rental takes place via this company, you can read much more details  about this amazing technology, including how it works, what it can do and what rental costs,  at my other site:

You can also view the website of the Canadian company – Zengar Institute Inc –  that makes this neuro technology: