Tailor Made Hypnotherapy Mp3


Specialised hypnotherapy recordings provide you with a way of deeply programming your sub-conscious mind.

Because everyone’s mind is different, with a different set of beliefs, problems and dynamics, a custom made approach to re-patterning it is needed. 

Personally, I have been professionally trainined in hypnotherapy since 1996 and have trained with some of the best hypnotherapists in a range of approaches. I have a deep understanding of this therapy and how to create a recording specific to you and what you want to achieve. 

How Often to Listen to the Recording?

Reprogramming the mind and rewiring the brain requires lots of repetition. I, therefore, recommend listening to the recording every day for 2 months and then at least once a week for the next two months. Of course, you might find you wish to continue to listen long term. Some issues such as sleep or confidence problems respond well to repetition over many months. Likewise, significant life change goals will respond well to long term listening.


The full cost including the initial call is Eur 400/£350/US$400

How does it work?

Because this recording will be absolutely specific to you and whatever you wish to achieve, the process begins with a phone or zoom conversation. If you have a problem you are trying to sort out I will find out exactly how the problem works in your mind. If you are aiming to achieve a goal, I will find out why you wish to achieve it, what it will feel like once you do, what impact it will have on your life etc.

This initial contact will take between 30 and 45 minutes. I will then create a tailor made MP3 recording for you. This will normally be within 10 working days of giving the order.

Once it is ready, I  will email you a link from where you can download it. It is then yours to listen to whenever you like.