Emotions          Mindset              Subconscious Repatterning

What if your life could significantly change in 5 hours?

It possibly can! This mind change intensive addresses the same things as a standard change of mind session (click here for that page)

But with an intensive focus so that you can experience a significant shift of your mindset quickly.

What does it cost?

Intial 75 minute Zoom call: Eur 150/£130/USD 170

4 Hour Session: Eur450/£390/USD510

What approach do you use?

As with all of my work, we create a calm relaxed space and create the awareness to enable you to recognise how you are stuck or what needs to happen for change to take place.

I then draw upon my experience of many different techniques including a range of psychological therapies such as Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Ericksonian Brief Psychotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Life and Transformational Coaching , Hypnotherapy and Mindfulness based techniques.

So how does it work?

It begins with a 75 minute zoom call. (you prepay that call)

During the call we have two objectives:

  • to determine if the full intensive is likely to benefit you (are you a suitable candidate for this work)
  • to gather initial information, find out how you work, and see how you respond to some initial mind change techniques

If we find that you are suitable for the intensive – which is 4 hours mind change work in one day we arrange that and you prepay it. The 4-hour session is broken down into 2 X 2-hour slots.

It can take place online via Zoom or you can visit me in my home in Tullamore Ireland. For people travelling a long distance, it is possible to book two intensives on two consecutive days. 

For some people, the outcome will be life changing. For others, it will be a significant start of change and will need to be followed up with further 75 minute sessions or more 4 hour intensives.